Discover the oud story

In the bustling market of the old Alzal souk of Riyadh, a small fragrance boutique, stocking only the finest ingredients, opened its doors in 1982. This was the birthplace of Arabian Oud.

Sheikh Abdul-Aziz Al Jasser founded the store with one mission – to source and expertly blend the best oils and scents in the world. This uncompromising dedication to quality still guides the brand today.

Cultural Significance

The most highly-prized ingredient of a perfumer’s palette, oud is said to be the first pure incense found on earth.

Derived from dark resin found in the trunk of centuries old Aquilaria trees, this unique perfume has a cultural and religious significance dating back to ancient civilisations.

Oud has a deep woody scent that persists and evolves over the whole day.

The Rare Scent

Our team of oud hunters practice unwritten rites handed down from generation to generation.

Native to southeast Asia, the rare, resinous heartwood forms in the trunks and roots of trees infected with a parasitic mould.

Our oud hunters work tirelessly to source and harvest the finest Agarwood, while respecting the delicate balance of nature to

The Art of Oud Perfumery

Our dedicated team of world renowned perfumers and bottle designers promise perfection in every blend. Using their wealth of experience, they sensitively combine exquisite ingredients in beautiful bottles to showcase the very finest in oriental perfumery.

As well as our extensive range of retail perfumes, Arabian Oud has created unique blends for international celebrities and royalty.